Girl Power in Reeds Weybridge RFC Minis

Minis Girls Team U7

Minis Girls Team U7 members – Jessica, Seren, Lucy, Beatrice, Martin, Isla WELL DONE!

Sunday 7th April saw a fleet of Reeds minis boys and girls headed to Bournemouth RFC for their end of tour festival. Ages U7-U11 arrived early ready for their games despite a late night, serious efforts (& parents’ cash) being spent in the arcades and pillaging the pick & mix to have a fantastic day of rugby.

Of particular note was the first Reeds girls-only U7 team to compete and were also the only all-girls team at the festival. While some of the opposition didn’t quite know what to make of the newly christened “Reeds Rebels”, the girls did a wonderful job proving teamwork, agility and heart produces great rugby and results.

All age groups had a blast and despite the tiredness and skint mums and Dads, all tourists are signed up and ready to go again next year!

If you have daughters, sons or friends wanting to give mini rugby a go, please do get in touch with Huw Wigley, head of Reeds minis . We’d love both boys and some more “Rebel” girls to come join us!
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