Tour Days 4 and 5 – Robben Island to Zip Wires Plus a Match or Two

Zip Wire at Ceres

Zip Wire at Ceres

“Made it to Robben Island yesterday in the morning and shown around by one of the old political prisoners very interesting part of South Africa’s history.

In the afternoon after a bit of shopping headed to billets in Worcester all boys enjoyed their billets some even slept on the floor! And all have stories to tell and were dropped off at 7:30 am when kids went to school WiFi not so good in Worcester!

Everyone having great time although tired as itinerary is non stop! Match day again today Wednesday.

Have just gone to Ceres. Zip wire really good fun activity and took all morning (Tom chose not to go on zip wire) matches this evening at 5:15 under floodlights in front of all the whole school and we expect harder opposition tonight and glad to report weather improving

Played two huge games of rugby today B team lost 22-15 and As lost 20-5 ? But that is only half the story as both sides played out of their skins. A fabulous performance by everyone; the best both sides have played and as ever a real credit to Reeds Weybridge RFC. Drostyk have hosted France U18s this year and England last year so the standard was very high. Tim in particular played his best game for Reeds to date and everyone else can be really proud to have played in a fine game of rugby.”

Best Dave Woollatt



“After another night of torrential rain and winds, there was concern that our ‘Plan B’ to get out to Robben Island on Tuesday would get blown (literally!) out of the water, as had happened on Sunday.

However, we held our nerve, rose early and were packed and on our way to the ferry port in good time for the 9am ferry – which, thankfully, was running.

Despite five of our party being separated from the main group onto a later ferry, following some endearingly idiosyncratic customer service, we all finally made it to Robben Island. It was not possible to remain unaffected by the descriptions and accounts of life on this penal island by the ex-political prisoners and other guides – and it was inspiring to hear that, now, ex-prisoners and ex-prison warders now lived together and shared a community in the island’s small village.

It was then back to the mainland and on to our next destination, Wocester, a farming town an hour and a half or so inland from Cape Town, where the boys would be billeted with families from our next opposition, Drosdty.

As well as preparing for what was expected to be very hard and uncompromising opponents and despite the nerves of some of the lads of staying with ‘strangers’, the opportunity to experience life in the homes of down-to-earth farming South Africans was the players’ next great and important experience.

After we were, once again, warmly greeted by our hosts, most of the boys seemed to relax and went off quite happily with their hosts, whilst supporters and coaches headed into the buzzing metropolis of Wocester where (or so our driver told us), even the roads are all rolled up for the night at 10pm.”

Mike Phillips





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