Welcome to the Reeds Rebels, the Reeds girls’ team represented from age 4 to 14 years old. We are the fastest growing girls rugby club in Surrey and welcome players of all abilities. Reeds is a family friendly club that welcomes all.

All sessions on Sundays are open to all to try out Rugby at Reeds. The emphasis is very much on enjoyment with an opportunity for girls to make new lifelong friends and to provide a taster of rugby.

Date: Sunday mornings from 1st September 2024


  • Registration at 9.15am for a 9.30am start.

The clubhouse will be open serving teas, coffees, breakfast and a very popular tuckshop too.

To find out more, please contact the girls section lead, Martin Davidson on [email protected]. We hope to welcome you at the club soon!

Our aim is to create a positive environment for the development of all girls who want to play rugby.

We look to make it enjoyable for players, parents and coaches alike. We embody the spirit of Reeds to ensure everyone is welcome to come and give it a go -giving everyone the chance to build life-long friends.

The whole club supports the growth of girl’s rugby at Reeds. To help recognise that, we have given the girl’s section its own “Rebels” name and have dedicated coaches focused on developing the girl’s game. This season, the girls will also be getting their very own kit designed by the girls themselves.

We also invite professional female coaches to our training sessions.We believe in offering the girls the opportunity to develop their social and playing skills with boys whilst also offering the opportunity to play and train as an all girls team.

We look to find ways to role model girls rugby across the age groups so that girls can foster relationships and pass on skills to girls across the club.

We look for ways to build links with schools and local clubs at all levels to further develop the girls section and welcome any interest for community groups looking to offer support. We have an active social calendar for kids and parents including visits to matches featuring international women players.

The Mini Girls teams at Reeds work very similarly to the boys teams: The Girls each play with their own age group, organised by school year. So for example the Under 5’s are reception year and younger. The Under 7’s are year 2 etc.

Under 5’s, 6’s, 7’s and 8’s all play tag rugby. This means lots of ball skills and games while wearing a tag belt –a Velcro belt that has 2 tags attached for other kids to pull off, (i.e. an interaction in place of a tackle to trigger passing the ball).

From under 9’s, in line with the ERFU guidelines, contact rugby starts to be introduced. This is done towards the end of the season in u8s in a very controlled manner with children practising their technique on tackle bags rather than each other, usually at a walking pace. This is essential to build the correct technique to be safe and effective before tackling each other.

From under 9’s to under 12’s, our coaching philosophy is a games-led approach introducing skill zones to stretch and develop players with a player-centric approach.

The season is interspersed with rugby festivals and for the older age groups specific fixtures against other girls teams in a growing network across Surrey and beyond. Games are played against other local clubs, some at home and some away. These are always great fun with every child involved and medals for every participant afterwards.

Our coaching philosophy is a games-led approach to promote enjoyment of the game and active sessions. All coaching has an emphasis on safety with a commitment to apply the RFU’s Age Grade Code of Practice as well as the coaches own development.

All the coaches are mums or dads of children in the mini’s section. We have a high ratio of coaches to children so each training session can be broken up into smaller groups to help focus on specific needs


Lucy, aged 7 “Rugby is great fun. I’ve done it for 1 year and I love scoring tries and the tuckshop afterwards!”


Seren, aged 7 “I like rugby because its fun; throwing and catching are my favourites. I’ve made lots of friends playing rugby”


Bonnie, aged 10, “Rugby is a great sport for girls of all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes and it’s feels great to show those smelly boys that we are as great (and sometimes better) than them at the awesome game.”


Jessica, aged 7 “I love running fast and scoring tries! I’ve made new friends and love the tuck shop after training.”


Martin, Coach U8s (Dad to Jessica and Matilda), “It’s great to see the girl’s play and develop together. I’ll never forget our first all girls Rebels team on the Bournemouth Rugby tour. We were the talk of the festival!”


Matilda, aged 4, “If I keep playing rugby I might be able to run as fast as Supergirl”

The social side is great fun for parents too!


arrive at 9.15 ready for a 9.30 start.
Whitely Village
North Avenue, off Burwood Road
KT12 4EJ
Head to the clubhouse and ask for the age group you are looking for where you will directed to the right pitch

Throughout the season there are opportunities to compete against other local teams of girls and boys, subject to the latest Covid-19 guidance. Your coach will advise you when and where these are planned.

What to wear

Trainers are fine in the drier months, then a studded boot is recommended during muddier times. Warm clothes are a must and full kit shop is on offer at Reeds each Sunday should you wish to purchase any club branded items.

Girls Sunday Morning