3 Results for month: 02/2018

MATCH REPORT – Reeds Weybridge RFC vs Economicals

REEDS WEYBRIDGE 53pts ECONOMICALS 22pts SURREY LEAGUE TWO The league table shows that Economicals have won just a couple of games this season but they have come very close to turning over some of the sides in the top half, clocking up ten bonus points as well. Reeds knew that Economicals are a big strong attacking ... More

MATCH REPORT – Gillingham Anchorians vs Reeds Weybridge RFC

GILLINGHAM ANCHORIANS 17pts REEDS WEYBRIDGE 15pts - RFU JUNIOR VASE - FOURTH ROUND Reeds Weybridge weather watchers would have seen the early warnings of heavy rain and gale force winds scheduled for the Kent area on Saturday afternoon, the forecasts were spot on and those conditions did not favour Reeds running the ... More

MATCH REPORT – Kingston vs Reeds Weybridge RFC

KINGSTON 13pts REEDS WEYBRIDGE 9pts - SURREY LEAGUE TWO Reeds Weybridge first fixture against Kingston was in 1933 and there have been many robust encounters since then, this was another. Spectators and players alike knew exactly what to expect from the game, Kingston, on their narrow pitch were going to field a massive ... More